6000 Acres

(Perth International Airport)

6000 Acres is the new food outlet landside at Perth International Airport.

Designed as a meeting point for international travellers arriving into Perth, 6000 Acres is designed as a warm, welcoming food space that is a celebration of Western Australian produce and local producers.

Using simple domestic construction methods as a reference point, open timber framing to the walls provide structure and rhythm to the space. Natural timber, coloured graphic panels and branding are inserted between the open timber frame walls. Fine steel framework suspends over the bulkhead supporting feature lighting to the servery.

Overhead stainless steel cable support canvas awnings over the seating area. This provides warmth and definition to the open seating area – alluding to relaxed, sunny days. Furniture is simple but elegant, with timber edging to the tiled communal tables, graphic MDF cladding to the walled banquette area and canvas seating to the upholstered banquette.

The space is treated with simplicity but with sophisticated detailing throughout, creating a design that delivers a premium product in a warm and welcoming environment.