(Melbourne CBD)

Working to refresh the existing retail space of eg.etal, Melbourne’s premier retailer of contemporary jewellery and objects by Australian and New Zealand designers, the design worked to create continuity and flow within the lower level basement space.

An overall light and warm base tone colour was used within various materials and textures, with a focus on the neutral flooring wrapping and weaving through the space, up the walls and ending as a stylised cityscape horizon line high on the perimeter walls.

Sharp linear coloured highlights punctuate the space creating contradiction and juxtaposition. A central open wall was used as a device to create flow and order in the space, with the perimeter display the central focus throughout. The design intends to both reflect and provide a backdrop to the precious artisan nature of the product on display.

Eg.etal (Client)
Downstairs, 167 Flinders Ln. Melbourne, Victoria (Location)
2013 (Completed)