Melbourne International Coffee Expo

(March 2015)

ZWEI designed the Code Black Coffee stand which is designed to tell the story of coffee from the grower to the consumer. Customers enter the space at one end, initially experiencing the coffee grower’s story, and then participate in the ‘cupping’ process, the distribution of coffee throughout the world is then graphically communicated, with the final experience the partaking of various forms of coffee preparation and brewing, finally exiting from the other end of the display with a coffee in hand.

Panels are simply laser cut and slotted together with minimal fixing, allowing for swift transport, installation and de-fit. Standard size ply panels are used as the building form for visual warmth, simplicity, and affordability. The form was generated through a trial and error process as a simple working model, and then fabricated and initially constructed in a warehouse prior to bump-in at the event.

The photos convey the process of the stand design, from model making to construction, and the collective design process that all parties participated in as part of a tight time frame and small budget

As for the stand, see its evolution here…