The Food Store

(Perth Airport)

As part of a tenancy upgrade in the current Qantas Domestic terminal at Perth Airport, the client sought to introduce two new distinct food brands into one operating space – Billi Chu & The Foodstore.

Working with a limited and very defined budget, the design solution presented was to use the lowered ceiling area as a focal definition to the space to create sightlines and attention into the area. The tenancy footprints backed into one another, creating one operating space, but essentially look away from each other. Customer traffic was drawn through the space using sightlines, colour, texture and pattern. Using devices such as the flooring provided the opportunity to draw diners into the space by following the diagonally placed timber boards which graduate into a darker tone.

The Food Store also references location – this time by offering local Western Australian grown and produced food and great coffee. The design reflects this by delivering a sense of ‘freshness’ through muted tones and via the incorporation of natural materials and artisan features. The experience is very much that the diner could be in their local café or deli, with emphasis on presentation of fresh food and produce.

Delaware North Companies (Client)
Qantas Domestic Terminal, Perth Airport (Location)
2014 (Completed)